Recover Hard Drive Files

A Hard Disk Drive is a storage device generally used for storing and retrieving digital information by using rapidly rotating discs called platters that are coated with magnetic material. A hard drive retains its data and information even after powered off. A hard disk reads data randomly; means individual blocks of data can be stored or retrieved in any order rather than sequentially. It was introduced by IBM in the year 1956, and HDD has became the most dominant secondary storage device for general purpose computers by the early 1960s.The primary characteristics of an HDD are its storage capacity and work performance. Hard Disk can have capacity up to 2TB.

Often user comes across some awkward situation, where they have a hard drive with valuable information on it, but they cannot access it. Whenever the system’s HDD refuses to mount or open the most common reason behind this is a dead or erased hard drive. In such a condition all user thinks, is of grabbing good quality HDD recovery software. There can be plenty of reasons for which your computer’s hard disk can be damaged or corrupted which may result into deletion or loss of data or files. User may sometimes wonder on how to rescue files that got deleted from their physical storage device accidentally either from Windows or Mac operating system. All they need to do is use a reliable and advanced tool.

Let us consider a scenario that may make user a bit angry because when they restarted their computer again after its sudden shut down – user may be at horror to find it crashed and forcing user to perform cold reboot. Such type of issues may be because of conking battery, or user might have kicked-off the power cable which makes them face one of the most heart-stopping experiences. If you have ever been into such situation then do not be panic stricken. You need to use good HDD recovery software. This software has been crafted with user friendly interface that makes user relaxed as they do not have to gather any technical knowledge and easily use this tool after launching it on their system. Let us look into other scenarios which may damage your HDD thereby making you crave to rescue files from hard drive.

Reasons behind such abnormality behavior of HDD:

  1. Bad Media Spots: Aged and week hard drive may contain many bad media spots also known as bad sectors that may cause other applications to hang thereby leading to data loss from SCSI hard disk drive. Whatever files user stored in the HDD prior to the occurrences of bad sector, all becomes inaccessible. Your hard disk may contain many important word files, media files and picture files. You no more need to worry on how to recover photo files from your old and dead hard drive.

  2. Corrupt MBR: MBR is a boot sector that stores the Operating System. When the system is turned on, the BIOS load the MBR to boot the Operating System. If the MBR itself gets corrupted then it does not allow the BIOS to boot the Operating System resulting in display of error messages like "Missing Operating System". MBR may get corrupted due to abrupt shutdown of system, attack by strong viruses or malware etc. which leads to severe data loss.

  3. Partition Reformatting: Sometimes it is necessary to change file type of a particular file or folder from one file system to another file system i.e. from FAT to NTFS file system or vice-versa on your Windows OS and also from NTFS to HFS + for Mac OS. Errors occurring during the file systems conversion may lead to corruption of the existing partition thus resulting in data loss.

  4. Improper System shutdown: User’s SCSI hard disk may also get corrupted severely if you shut down your system abruptly without closing the already running programs. This situation can lead to RAID failure thus resulting in data loss. On improper shut down of system some of your data too might get deleted. User can now rescue deleted files using this recovery program that is capable to perform multiple functions.

Accidental deletion of files from HDD after performing Shift + Delete or Command + Delete key operation for Windows and Mac OS respectively, strong virus or malware attack, faulty method or re-partitioning of hard drive, conking battery issues and many more can be mentioned as some other reasons for deletion or loss of data from hard drive.

Features of this appplication:

  • The tool has been crafted using advanced modules and amazing features as it can recover Outlook files  on your Operating System, thereby recovering all deleted or lost data from different edition of Windows including the most recent Windows8 operating system, which makes it must-have software for all Windows users. This application recovers deleted files with ADS (Alternate Data Streams) attribute from NTFS formatted drives. It is available free on internet; you can easily download the software and carry on with the recovery process.

Steps to rescue files from Hard Drive:

Following steps explain how to rescue files from hard drive that is either lost or deleted:

Step1: Download and install Recovery program from the site on your system. Run the application manually then click on "Recover Partition / Drives" option in the Main Screen.

Rescue Files from Hard Drive - Main Screen

Step2:After hitting the button , a new wondow is displayed in front of you. From the second window if you want to recover files that are lost due to formatting of partition, you need to select the option "Formatted / Reformatted Partition". Next a new window will pop up in front of you on your system.

Rescue Files from Hard Drive - Second Screen

Step3: From the new window you will have to select the particular drive type that you want to recover or from which you want to recover deleted files. A rigorous scan is being run after the selection of logical /physical storage device and it retrieves all deleted and lost files from your HDD or memory card within fraction of time.

Rescue Files from Hard Drive  - Select Drive

Step4: This software restores all the lost or formatted partition / drives and displays it on the new window after a successfull scan.

Rescue Files from Hard Drive - Recovered Data

Step5: If you are satisfied with the recovery process, you can preview the file based on their file type and later save the process by selecting "Save Recovery Session" option.

Rescue Files from Hard Drive - Save Session

Necessary Steps to be maintained to prevent such hindrance:

  • It is advised to the user to avoid performing any read / write operation and downloading or uploading function on their system to avoid overwriting of files and folders in their hard drive. Back up creation can be the key to the retrieval of all type of files and data after data loss or deletion. Charging and changing the battery should be taken care off to avoid losing of folders. One must always use an UPS to avoid power-surge issues.