Best Way to Recover Photo Files

A photo or a photograph is an image created by a light falling on a light-sensitive surface. Most pictures are created using a camera that uses a lens to focus the scene’s visible wavelengths of light. The advent of microcomputer and digital photography has led to the rise of digital prints. These prints are created from stored graphic formats such as JPEG, TIFF, RAW etc. The web has been a popular medium for storing and sharing photos.

In this technological era, every single individual possess or desires to possess a high resolution gadget such as high pixel digital camera or mobiles, for a crystal clear photographs, videos etc. Capturing our favorite moments in our camera is the best way to preserve them for a long time so as to keep our memories alive and fresh. Photos make our blurred memories as fresh as a daisy. Many famous brands have launched plenty of digital products in market so far. We all are aware of digital cameras; these are very high resolution cameras, which capture images as clear as a glass. Brands like Sony, Olympus, Cannon and Nikon are among the most famous brands of digi-cam, there are also other companies such as Fujifilm, Samsung, Kodak, Panasonic etc who have launched their digital cameras with various eye-catching features. Photos clicked from the digital camera are known as digital photos. Image files are of two distinguishable categories: "processed" and "RAW" image. Images clicked from different cameras have different extensions such as: CR2, CRW, JPEG, JPG, GIF, TIFF, BMP, PSD, PNG, NEF, X3F and many more.

It can become really frustrating when any of our most priceless and memorable moments gets lost or vanishes into ether. There are always some chances to lose your pictures because of some logical issues. Let us look at a scenario where user tries to transfer their picture files from memory card into their system. He is at horror when he finds that his pictures got lost due to memory card corruption. Do not be worried and don’t freak out, you can easily now retrieve lost photos by the lost photo recovery software that allows you to recover photo files even from memory cards. This must-have software has been designed with latest searching and scanning algorithms that performs a thorough scan on your Windows and Mac Operating System. You will be glad to know that it even acts as file recovery tool to recover all sorts of files that are deleted / lost from our system accidentally or due to corruption.

Scenarios that may result in to photo loss or deletion either from your system or digital camera:

Here we discuss some reasons that cause image loss / deletion either from system or digi-cam.

  1. Third party application: Excessive usage of unauthenticated third party application, may create a risk for your system as it may get prone to damage of HDD or virus attack. This may in future lead to deletion or loss of photo files, word files, audio files and many more.

  2. Storage Media Corruption: Storage media such as memory card, hard drive; flash drives etc are all prone to failure because of corruption. Whenever our storage medium refuses to open the reason behind it may be a dead storage device. These kinds of situations put us into an awkward position sometimes. Our memory card or hard disk of our personal computer may get corrupted if we try to re-part the partition and in case of camera if we opt to turn off camera or remove the memory card abruptly before it can actually write the photo or media file on it. We can now retrieve files from hard disk along with image files.

  3. Accidental Format: Lost photo recovery becomes a serious issue when we unawarely format the entire hard drive or partition on our system. This is one of the most common human errors.

  4. Power Surge Issues: Power surge issues takes place when our laptop / system or camera’s battery starts conking out as photo files  or some other documentary files are being transferred directly to a computer or from a computer to a storage medium. This software is capable to undelete files from your Operating System without consuming much of your time.

  5. Oversize Issues: Letting the memory card to be too full before downloading the images to a computer or storage devices. If cards or computer’s HDD are too full they may lead to overwrite of picture files header on your card of local storage devices.

There can be many other reason of image loss or deletion such as emptying of image file or folder from Recycle Bin, continuous clicking of images, removal of card from a memory card reader while files are being transferred to a system from card and opening, deleting or renaming of files on the card when they are still being transferred to a system may result into picture loss.

Unique feature of this recovery toolkit:

  • This tool acts as Microsoft Outlook file recovery program and also helps us to recover all lost photos from our memory card. This software is available on the internet, you can download and use the free trial version of this recovery program and evaluate the recovery result. It is featured with user friendly graphical interface that is very easy to understand and can be used without any technical help by the user. You can easily rescue lost Excel file from your computer using this tool in just few clicks of mouse.

Guidelines to find deleted photos:

Following steps explain how to rescue your deleted files

Step1: Download and install Photo Recovery program from the site on your system. Run the application manually then click on "Recover Photos" option in the Main Screen. After hitting the button , a new wondow is displayed in front of you. From the second window if you want to recover deleted photos, you need to select the option "Recover Deleted Photos".

Recover Photo Files - Select Recover Deleted Photos Option

Step2: When the next screen pop ups select the logical / physical drive of your local system or digital camera after connecting it to the system, from which you want to recover deleted photos. If you want to retrieve files from Memory Card, click on it.

Recover Photo Files - Select Drive

Step3: After selecting the drive type a rigorous scan is being run and it retrieves all deleted photo from your HDD or memory card within fraction of time. The software restores the files and the list is displayed on a new window. Select the file for which you performed recovery and save it on a secure location after buying the product online

Recover Photo Files - File Type View / Data View

Step4: If you are satisfied with the recovery process you can now "Preview" the recovered photo file and save the recovered file into a new destination folder by selecting the option "Save Recovery Session".

Recover Photo Files - Preview Screen

Necessary Steps to be maintained to prevent such hindrance:

  • Avoid transferring of photos while battery status of your computer or digital camera is low. Back up creation can be the key to the retrieval of all type of photo files and data after data, photo or media file loss. Removal of card should not be done repeatedly and it should be avoided using in different camera. Charging and changing the battery should be taken care off to avoid losing of photos. While the camera is attached to your PC, please check for the updated antivirus installed in it.