Recovery of Lost Excel Files

Searching for Excel files on your computer and fail to find them? Do you have the backup of those Excel files? If you have then you might be praising yourself for maintaining a backup as have avoided some serious data loss. But what if you don’t have a backup? Now the problem starts..! You rigorously start searching for the options that can help you to get back your lost Excel files and find that recovery software are the only option left for you.

Excel file is one of the Microsoft Office attribute that are wide used around the globe. These files are used to maintain records and used as worksheets by the corporate, institutes and home users. As these are used frequently, there are chances of , losing and damaging spreadsheet also increases. Considering these chances MS office provides an inbuilt repair tool that can repair damaged Excel file, but this tool fails to mend severely damaged files and not just this MS office don’t provide and inbuilt tool to rescue lost or deleted Excel file. Don’t worry rescue files software is one such tool that is specially developed to get back deleted and Excel files from desktops and laptops.

Measures to be taken after losing Excel file:

Immediately stop the use of MS Outlook to avoid data overwriting.

Do not change the version of Microsoft Office from higher to lower or lower to higher.

Avoid formatting of the hard drive.

Avoid reinstalling MS Outlook.

Now lets see some of the scenarios under which an Excel file recovery is required:

  1. Use of Shift Delete Keys: Combination of these two keys is very deadly, as files deleted using this combination skips recycle bin and make you lose Excel file permanent. Which results in the use of file rescue software, which help you to find the deleted/lost files on your computer. Click here to get more details.

  2. Virus Attack: Viruses are the most dangerous programs that can damage your Excel file and make you lose all the hard worked data from it.

  3. Improper conversion: Improper conversion of Outlook or operating system may make you lose an MS Excel sheet file, by making Outlook inaccessible.

  4. Software Conflict: There are times when the system gets crashed due to some internal software interrupts that makes you lose your Excel file. By corrupting the complete hard drive. But rescue file software can be used to get back data hard drive data that is lost due to OS crash.

Rescue file recovery utility is developed with an unlimited upgraded range of technicalities that allow you to rescue lost Excel file. With the help of this tool you can easily get back entire components present in the Excel spreadsheets. If you have deleted the excel sheets from Recycle Bin then you can restore Recycle Bin files using the software. This advanced software will identify text, numbers, merged cells, comments, frozen rows and columns, sheet names, images, hyperlinks, etc. based on their unique signatures and can easily search files over 300. Software can locate a particular file based on its data of creation, file name, size and extension. It can also be used to restore lost Outlook data that too in few simple steps. Browse on this link to know more about Outlook recovery

Some simple steps for Excel file Recovery:

Following steps explain how to rescue your deleted files

Step1:Download and install the demo edition of Rescue file utility on your computer. Soon after opening the software, you will get the welcome screen with three different options, among them select “Recover Files” to recover Excel files

Recovery of Lost Excel Files - Welcome Screen

Fig 1: Welcome Screen

Step2:Now select the suitable option to rescue Excel files, and choose the drive from where you have lost the spreadsheet and scan.

Recovery of Lost Excel Files - Select Drive

Fig 2: Select Drive

Step3: After the scanning process gets completed you can view the rescued Excel files.

Recovery of Lost Excel Files - Preview Rescued Excel Files

Fig 3: Preview Rescued Excel Files